If it can be written or thought, it can be filmed!

IKFF India 2017

The first edition of IKFF was conducted in India and hosted independently by schools for their students and parents.

More than 100 films from over 25 countries were screened in 6 days.

IKFF reached over 10,00,000 students, parents and teachers in more than 500 schools across 75 cities in India.


Culture House of
the Islamic Republic of Iran

Culture House Of The Islamic Republic Of Iran

Culture House Of The Islamic Republic Of Iran

Children’s Film
Festival Seattle

Children's Film Festival Seattle

Children’s Film Festival Seattle

French Embassy
in India

Embassy of France in India

Embassy of France in India




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Best Live Action Short Film:

Lila - Best Live Action Short Film


Director: Carlos Lascano

With her artist’s eye, Lila reimagines the scenes of those she encounters in her daily life, ‘completing’ their stories with her vision.

Best Documentary Short Film:

Sky - Best Documentary Short Film


Director: Loes Janssen

Sky is nine years old and has a significant hearing impairment. He tries hard to participate in his class, which is full of good hearing children, but he often feels powerless and misunderstood. He thinks the outsiders don’t understand him, but does he understand them? In this short documentary we observe Sky during and after school time as he tries to maintain grip on his environment.

Best Animated Short Film:

Free As A Bird - Best Animated Short Film

Free As A Bird

Director: Joyce van Diepen

Imad, a 10-year-old boy, lives in a war zone. When he finds a bird with a broken wing, he brings it home and carefully nurses it back to health. This new friendship brings Imad joy, dreams, and strength. He learns to listen to his heart and finds the courage to choose a (new) future.

Best Live Action Feature Film:

A Film Of Cinema - Best Live Action Feature Film

A Film Of Cinema

Director: Thiago B. Mendonça

“Father, what’s cinema?” asks Bebel, the daughter of a film director in crisis. She wants to make a movie with her friends for a school project. The making of the film turns into a great adventure, and takes Bebel, her family and her friends to a wonderous trip through the history of cinema.

IKFF 2017 Catalogue


Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.
― Margaret Mead