About IKFF

IKFF is a unique film festival hosted by schools across the globe that provides an opportunity for students to Watch the best of international children’s films, Learn from film-making master classes and Make Cinema to participate in the World’s Largest film-making competition

An Introduction to IKFF

Meet the Team


A 1st generation entrepreneur, Sultan is a film producer and recipient of 6 prestigious National Film Awards for his contribution to cinema and education. Sultan has produced more than 120 short films and been a member of several panels & juries of film festivals in India and abroad. He is deeply passionate about using the cinematic medium as an educational tool and is the brain behind IKFF. A respected motivational trainer, phenomenal event manager, and prolific education blogger, Sultan holds a master’s degree in Entrepreneurship from MIT-Boston, and is the founder and Managing Director of LXL Ideas, an organisation that impacts learning and creates experiences for life for students, parents and educators.


Producer, supervisor and creator of over 80 short films with School Cinema, most of which have been selected in more than 100 film festivals across the world, Neha carries with her an experience of over 15 years in films and media. Neha has produced and directed documentary films and TV shows for brands like Discovery, National Geographic, CNBC and PBS. As Festival Programmer, Neha’s focus is to conceive, develop, and implement the film programme for IKFF to make the festival diverse, engaging, and fun for the young audience.


LXL Ideas enables learning for life by creating experiences for students, parents and educators for 2 decades through its brands – School Cinema makes meaningful films; Krayon conceptualizes & organises large-impact events; Mentor creates platforms for sharing educational ideas and delivers holistic research & training.

With School Cinema, our film-based life skills learning module, we’ve made 100+ films for students, parents and teachers. Today, School Cinema is used in 700+ schools, directly impacting 1 million+ kids.

LXL Ideas is a recipient of 6 National Film Awards, 9 international awards and over 250+ international festival selections.


Elizabeth oversees all youth programmes at Northwest Film Forum (NWFF), including film presentations, workshops, and summer camps. She has spent more than 20 years in joyous work for film arts enterprises, engaging young people in events, exhibits, educational forums and performances that celebrate global culture. A former director of the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival, Elizabeth now directs the annual Children’s Film Festival Seattle, the West Coast’s largest annual competitive festival of its kind. Elizabeth also oversees touring programmes of the festival, which travel annually to such locations as the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the Roy and Edna Disney CalArts Theater, the Honolulu Museum of Art, International House Philadelphia and many other prestigious venues. Elizabeth has been invited as a speaker, juror or panel member at numerous festivals, symposiums and summits across Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and the Middle East.

Eric has been involved with film programming for over 30 years. The range of programming he has been directly involved with extends from booking small commercial movie houses to programming/advising several larger international film festivals. He finds the most challenging (and most rewarding) programming has been for the annual Providence Children’s Film Festival which he helped co-found. It’s now one of the top five children’s film festivals in North America.

Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.
― Margaret Mead